Still Waiting

We’re still just waiting is always the response I give people when they ask about our adoption.  It doesn’t seem to satisfy as an answer though and I understand because it doesn’t satisfy me either.  People want to know if we’ve heard anything at all.  The answer is really no.  We know that people who had a log in date at the beginning to middle of July of 2005 just got referrals.  However, besides that, it is really hard to guess when we might get our baby girl.  Our documents were logged in on November 22, 2005.  At that point, we thought we would have a baby within 6-7 months.  Now they are telling us it could be as much as 2 years from our log in date!  We are hoping that is not the case.  I am still holding out hope that we will have a Christmas baby.  That would be the most amazing gift ever.


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