Go Yellowjackets

Michael received an email earlier this week with the enticing proposition of $10 Georgia Tech football tickets.  Of course, he couldn’t resist.  It ended up working out well because we had already planned on visiting friends in Atlanta that weekend.  Michael convinced his parents to make the trip as well and we were off to the game.  Michael’s dad graduated from Tech so he had a great time reminiscing.  Our seats were about as far into the stands as you could go, but the stadium is fairly small so it still wasn’t too bad.  This was Graham’s first football game ever and Michael’s first Tech game, so Michael was very excited.  He had Graham chanting, “Go Yellowjackets” all week.  I secretly was extremely worried though about how Graham would hold up.  How would he stay in one area for almost 4 hours?  Amazingly enough, he did really well.  Graham usually stays entertained if he can find a girl to flirt with and he found a couple.  He mainly feasts his eyes on older women.  I really have to teach him that it is impolite to stare and drool.  After a slow start, Tech had a great second half and ended up winning 35-21.  Go Yellowjackets!

Go Tech!

Family at the Game

Graham and Poppy at the Game


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