Ice Cream

I love ice cream.  It is one of my favorite pleasures and I have to say I rarely feel guilty about it.  I grew up eating lots of ice cream.  We were an ice cream loving family.  I remember my dad many times actually eating ice cream straight out of the carton laying on our kitchen counter watching tv.  Our family would have ice cream almost every night.  My mom and dad were the kind of people that somehow never seemed to gain weight.  If I ate ice cream every night now, I would be as big as the cows they gather that luscious milk from!  Never the less, I still love ice cream now and then.  And Graham seems to have developed a similar love of ice cream.  He rarely gets it, but the other night at Barley’s we let him have a bowl of vanilla ice cream.  Boy, did he enjoy himself. He was so excited and quickly cleaned that bowl.  I love that ice cream face!Ice Cream Face


1 Comment

  1. Jamie said,

    May 28, 2007 at 2:39 am

    Nothing better than ice cream! We love ice cream too – live at Bruster’s!!! Actually Chris proposed with my ring in a bowl of ice cream!

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