Mountain House

We made the journey up the mountain this weekend to stay with our friend Bill at his cabin near Brevard.  Bill’s brother’s family joined us as well as our friend Brad.  We had hoped to have time for a little hike, but got a late start.  So, we ended up stopping at Caeser’s Head for a quick walk around the peak.  It is an amazing view from there and such a treasure to have so close to home.   We hiked a little bit and Graham had fun trying to climb up rocks. Mountain Family

   The mountain house was as tranquil as ever.  The guys sat around playing guitar and Graham joined in.  Graham has a little green guitar that he got for his birthday and he really likes to pluck as those strings.  He’s actually improving I think.  Michael brought up a pumpkin and carving tools and he and Graham carved a pumpkin.  Graham tried to feed the pumpkin garlic bread during dinner.  Graham feeding the jack-o-lantern

Brad and I then took on Michael and Jay for a game of overland bocce.  Michael was able to pull off a victory once again!  After an enormous spagetthi dinner, we had to retire to the living room and the fireplace.  Spaghetti Face

It was freezing outside!  The thermometer actually read 25 degrees at one point.  We stayed fairly warm under lots of blankets, but it was tough getting out of bed in the morning.  All in all, it was another glorious mountain adventure!

Brad and Graham at Dinner


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