Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia Holiday Visit

A friend invited us to Columbia for a holiday party last Saturday night which gave us a great excuse to get back to the Riverbanks Zoo.  We went a few months ago and were extremely impressed.  Before that, I had been in high school on a field trip and that zoo was in a state of disrepair.  I remember the animals all looked so pitiful and the cages being miserably inadequate.  I left that zoo in high school wanting to free all of the animals.  The zoo has obviously undergone a true renovation and is greatly improved!giraffe.JPG

My favorite part of the zoo are the giraffes.  When we approached the giraffe’s area, the zookeeper was feeding one of them and we bought some carrots to help out.  I held Graham up and he bravely fed the giraffe quite a few carrots.  I was shocked.  The giraffe is an enormous animal and for such a little guy to take on such a big job seemed very brave at the time.  That was definitely the zoo highlight of the day for me.  Graham also fearlessly let lorikeets land on his hand which his own mother is somewhat jittery about.  He did a great job!lorikeet.JPG

Later on, Graham got to break out his Santa suit for the party and was a hit as usual.  That boy makes a fine Santa with those rosy cheeks and big dimples.  santagraham.JPG


1 Comment

  1. Jamie said,

    May 28, 2007 at 2:42 am

    Love the Santa picture -he is soo cute!

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