Late Holiday Musings and Other Updates


It is midway through January and I am just posting Christmas pictures.  That’s bad!  I had a draft about Christmas here for ages that I just deleted because it didn’t even make sense anymore.  It was a hectic holiday!  Don’t get me wrong.  It was wonderful, but goodness, I was really exhausted at the end of it all.  My break from school was shorter than normal this year too, and I certainly could have used a couple extra days to recuperate.  I kept thinking about how next year is going to be even crazier with 2 kids running around, but it will certainly be even better and I can’t wait. 


Happy Birthday Jesusnanapoppop.JPGchrisbree.JPGNew Kitchen

Our adoption has been a bit of the reason I haven’t posted much here.   We’ve had to focus on getting our home study updated which was a much larger task than we thought it would be. I’ve also been trying to plan our China trip and figure out where we want to go.  It is so exciting to finally feel that we are going to be there soon.  We’ve been trying to work on putting the new baby room together.  Since Graham’s Pop Pop got him a big boy bed for Christmas, we moved the crib in the room.  We also moved the changing table in there as well since we are trying to potty train although Graham is fighting us on that one all the way.  We ordered a bunch of Chinese lanterns that we are going to hang from the ceiling all over.  I think it should look really cool.  The room is already painted purple and we bought pink, purple, and cherry blossom patterned lanterns.  The website is and they have great prices and the best selection of anywhere that I could find.


Mirth On Monday

One of the Great Wall adoption families is hosting a blogging carnival which gives me a wonderful excuse to write more.

On Mondays, we are supposed to share something joyful and I had a little beacon of joy just laid upon me a few minutes ago.  I had just given my 2 year old son a bath and I was putting him to bed.  My dad bought him a big boy bed for Christmas, so now I have the pleasure of laying in bed with him to read him a book.  He picked out a book for us to read.  I tucked him in, and I looked down at him, and noticed he was looking up at me.  He then said to me, “Mommy, you’re pretty!”  I am very thankful to have the sweetest 2 year old boy in the world.