March Baby Update

The stork landed again on March 5.  China finished placing children with families whose dossiers were logged in on or before October 24, 2005.  We are logged in November 22, 2005.  I was really hoping they would finish out October this month, so that we would get our referral at the beginning of April, but now that seems unlikely/impossible.  We are still keeping our hopes up for getting our referral in May which would put us travelling in June, but that is also up in the air at this point.  China just doesn’t seem to be speeding up at all.  So, best case scenario would be to travel in May/June and worst case would be August.   I am trying to stay optimistic, but this month the thought of knowing our baby girl is born and lying in an orphanage starting really getting to me.  I know we will go and get her soon, but I want it to be now!  My patience is beginning to wear thin especially since what we were told was going to be a 6 month process is now going on 16 months.   Just needed to vent! 


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