Potty Time

Potty TimeOur world has been dominated by potty time lately.  We threw away Graham’s diapers a few weeks ago after a month or so of trying to potty train with diapers and realizing that Graham had the bladder control of steel.  It has been a long few weeks, but we are finally making progress.  I just had no idea how much effort all of this was going to take and if I didn’t have the weight of day care telling me he needs to be potty trained on my shoulders I probably would have kept in diapers much longer.  Unfortunately, Graham cannot move into the 3 year old room until he is fully potty trained and that is fast approaching!   Graham really is catching on now.  It’s just taken a while, because we appear to have one stubborn boy on our hands who is not easily manipulated.  We tried all the traditional potty training methods- stickers, candy, hitting the cheerios, Dr. Phil’s potty training doll, and nothing easily convinced Graham that the potty was the way to go.  He’s coming around though and does love his big boy underwear.  Our little guy is growing up!


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