Welcome Caleigh

I’m playing catch up tonight and I realized that I have gotten so far behind that I hadn’t welcomed Caleigh yet.  Michael’s sister had a baby girl that was born on April 16.  Her name is Caleigh Elizabeth and she weighed 7 lbs and 6 oz. and was 20 1/4 inches. I love this picture of her and her big sis Abby.  So beautiful!



Freedom Weekend Aloft 2007

 Ride Away

Michael and I took Graham to Freedom Weekend Aloft this Friday.  Michael and I were both very hesistant about going.  We were anticipating extremely long lines to get in and not sure really what to expect once we got in.  But, we really wanted Graham to see the balloons.  So, we thought we would give it a shot.  It actually turned out to be a really pleasant experience. 


About to ride away

Car Ride

Graham and I took a tethered balloon ride which scared him pretty badly, but he claimed was fun afterwards. (The picture at the top is Graham and I floating away.) His favorite part was this race car ride which jerked him around.  He giggled during every turn.  They had a huge fireworks display which Graham thought was too loud, but he sat through it like a trooper and got one more ride out of the race car for his bravery.  The funniest part of the evening was this band from Pelzer that provided our entertainment during dinner.  The lead singer was in this bright green matching pant suit as were his back up singers.  He positioned himself in the middle of where everyone was walking by and proceeded to accost everyone as they passed making them provide vocals against their will in order to proceed.  It was classic and great comedy for dinner!  As for getting in and out, we ended up parking in the VIP lot because we missed our turn and we were really close, so everything was really painless.  Freedom Weekend Aloft proved to be quite entertaining and we will definetely be back again.

Ee Yow

Pritchard’s Island 2007


At the end of April, I had the distinct privilege of being invited to a remote island off the coast of Beaufort.   A friend of ours, Captain Al, has rights to a cabin on Pritchard’s Island and some of the men of MWA have been making a trip out there for the past few years.  They finally decided it was time to invite the ladies along.  Pritchard’s is owned by the University of South Carolina and sea turtle research is conducted on the island.  It is an undeveloped barrier island and it is truly beautiful. 

Michael and I arrived in Beaufort early Friday and rode to the island in Captain Al’s boat.  It was a gorgeous day and the serenity of it all really takes hold of you.  I had heard a lot about the cabin from Michael.  It was even better than I imagined.  The cabins and the surroundings have so much character.  Michael, Captain Al, and I were the only ones there on Friday.  We all took a trip to the beach.  It was high tide and we walked among all of the driftwood.  We came back and feasted on steak and potato.  Beach

Michael and I took the kayaks out the next day and the highlight of my vacation occurred.  While kayaking back, a family of dolphins swam right next to us.  They were so close and they began calling out to one another.  It was amazing.  Later on, everyone piled in boats and hit the beach.  We lounged all day and relaxed. 


When we returned to the cabin, we had cocktails on the dock and a ladies fishing contest began.   Everyone spent the rest of the evening talking, eating, relaxing, and listening to music.  We built a roaring fire to converge around.  It was a great weekend and a much needed break from reality!


Super Late Easter Pictures


I know- How long ago was Easter??  But, you have to understand.  I have been in the midst of IEP season which means most days I wake up at 6 and work until 11:00 at night without a break.  That is not an exaggeration.  Ask Michael.  It has been completely insane and I am not sure how much longer I can do it.  Special education paperwork has gotten completely out of control.  Each child’s IEP is now like writing a mini novel and after I finish writing it, I have to submit it for editing and then it has to be rewritten.  Can you sense my frustration?  Anyway, last night I finished writing my last main IEP at 9:30 pm. It was a great feeling!  That is why I am posting so much at once.poppop.jpg

  So, let’s go back in time and relive Easter.  All of the family came over and although it was a little chilly, we had a fabulous day.  The kids all went on an Easter egg hunt, we had tear free pictures, great food, and spent lots of quality time with the family.  Here are some pictures.



November Stork Has Landed

Referrals have finally reached November families.  They have been sent to families logged in up until November 1.  The process has just gotten slower and slower though, so there is no telling when our referral will come even though our dossier is logged in on November 22.   We are thinking now it may be August, but it could be September which would put us travelling around October.  It is all very frustrating and seems almost surreal at this point.  I know a little girl is out there waiting for us.  We just have to go and get her! 

Bye, Bye Camille


We had to put our dog, Camille, to sleep in April.  She had cancer and it had progressed to the point where she was in too much pain.  She was a sweet girl and a great protector of our home.  She will be missed.