Pritchard’s Island 2007


At the end of April, I had the distinct privilege of being invited to a remote island off the coast of Beaufort.   A friend of ours, Captain Al, has rights to a cabin on Pritchard’s Island and some of the men of MWA have been making a trip out there for the past few years.  They finally decided it was time to invite the ladies along.  Pritchard’s is owned by the University of South Carolina and sea turtle research is conducted on the island.  It is an undeveloped barrier island and it is truly beautiful. 

Michael and I arrived in Beaufort early Friday and rode to the island in Captain Al’s boat.  It was a gorgeous day and the serenity of it all really takes hold of you.  I had heard a lot about the cabin from Michael.  It was even better than I imagined.  The cabins and the surroundings have so much character.  Michael, Captain Al, and I were the only ones there on Friday.  We all took a trip to the beach.  It was high tide and we walked among all of the driftwood.  We came back and feasted on steak and potato.  Beach

Michael and I took the kayaks out the next day and the highlight of my vacation occurred.  While kayaking back, a family of dolphins swam right next to us.  They were so close and they began calling out to one another.  It was amazing.  Later on, everyone piled in boats and hit the beach.  We lounged all day and relaxed. 


When we returned to the cabin, we had cocktails on the dock and a ladies fishing contest began.   Everyone spent the rest of the evening talking, eating, relaxing, and listening to music.  We built a roaring fire to converge around.  It was a great weekend and a much needed break from reality!



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  1. Nana Lewis said,

    May 29, 2007 at 3:48 am

    I’d love to go to Pritchard’s myself one day. Guess I’ll have to start studying turtles!!

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