Happy Birthday Graham!!

 Graham is 3!

Graham turned 3 last Friday.  It is so hard to believe and so amazing to watch him grow.  He changes so much every day and I am trying to take it all in.  We had a great birthday party last weekend at Riverbend Farms.  Friends, family, and even 2 of his teachers came out to the equestrian park to join in pony rides, a petting zoo, and a hay ride.   The pony rides were the highlight for me.  Those kids looked absolutely adorable on that pony.  They all seemed to love it too. 

 Graham Rides a Pony

The tractor for the hay ride was right there too and the kids had a blast playing with the truck and in the hay. 

 Riding the Tractor

We took a hay ride through the woods and back to a super petting zoo.  Graham and his friends came back and ate hot dogs, hamburgers, and cake.  Then, Graham opened a sea of presents.  He even got his own cowboy costume which he tried on when he got home.  He is one lucky boy!   Can’t wait to see what Graham’s next year has in store for us… 

Cowboy Costume


June Stork / Adoption Update

China has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with their office before November 7, 2005.  We were registered on November 22, 2005.   So, we are so close.  However, they are taking forever to get through November.   It seems crazy to think it may take 5 months to get through just the month of November, but that looks like a possibility.  At this rate, I’m not really sure how they can keep the adoption process rolling.   If I had to guess I would say we will get our referral in September.  That means we will receive the big phone call then, receive pictures, and medical info.  After that, travel occurs in 6-8 weeks.  Referrals usually happen at the beginning of the month.  So, we would travel in October.  That’s just a guess.  Hopefully the next time you ask, I won’t be telling you it looks like it will be a Christmas referral!

Spring LEAF 2007


This May, Michael, Graham, and I once again packed up almost the whole house and headed out to the Spring LEAF festival near Asheville in Black Mountain, NC.  After a particularly long season of special ed paperwork, it was a much needed trip!  We met up with our friends Chris, Tammy, Ben, and Noah and snagged a great camping spot on Thursday.  It was wonderful to get there early and have a little time to extra time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the festival site. 


Our friends Andy and Iris arrived on Friday and joined our campsite.  The weekend was filled with overall beautiful weather with just a little rain, great music, and lots of time to finally chill out.  My favorite part was watching Graham run around and have a blast.  He became particularly infatuated with our friend, Anna.  He has a thing for older women!  He is just such a people person and I love watching him talk and relate to others.  Friday night, he met a boy around the age of 5 and he had the best time running around with him and rolling down hills.  I have rarely heard him laugh so hard.  He was so tired by the time we went back to the tent that he couldn’t even walk! 


The other highlight was getting to spend some quality time with my friend Chris.  We ended up going out on a couple of nights by ourselves and listening to music and it was reminiscent of college days.  It just felt very carefree.  We laughed and people watched and Chris did lots of goofy things that make me crack up.  It was old school fantastic!  Since we’ve both had kids, we haven’t been able to have many times like those and it was great to have them again.  It was another fabulous LEAF weekend and we will be back for the Fall (if we are not in China that is).