Our Healthy Baby Girl

We received our baby’s growth report yesterday and it was amazing!  We found out so much more information!   I thought we would just get basic health info, but we got a huge report detailing everything from how much milk she drank as an infant to how much she poops!  It was thorough!!
For starters, she was abandoned at the orphanage 2 days after she was born at 5:00 a.m. and left with a note.  I hope we can get access to that note.  We found out YaXue means elegant snow.  Her name is really growing on me!  Her weight was 5.72 lbs. at birth and she was healthy.
The report said that she likes to take showers and play outside. She is not afraid of strangers and likes to be amused.   Her diet consists of milk and paste (we’ll have to break her of that paste eating-ha!) and she has congee, noodles, vegetable soup, biscuits, and mashed vegetables as snacks.
Everything is her health report looked great.  I had our Chinese professor at the university look over the report as well and she even helped me with her name pronunciation.  Our little baby girl appears to be healthy.  We are so thrilled! 

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