We’ve Landed!

It’s only 5 am in the states, but it is 5:00 pm here and we are ready to roll!! We had a great flight. Michael came up with this brilliant plan that I thought was rather insane at the time of staying up all night Thursday night. The thought was to go ahead and adjust to China time early, so that when we arrived here our bodies would be somewhat adjusted. We went for it and it was rough, but there was really a lot to keep us busy all night. I had cleaning to do and last minute packing. At around 2:30 am, we actually watching survivor China and the Office to get us through the last little bit. Then, we headed to the airport and Michael’s brother brought the car back. We had a straight shot to Chicago, a slight delay getting out from there to Shanghai, and then it was smooth sailing. Michael and I were so exhausted that we both slept for the majority of the trip and only woke up for the delicious airplane meal service.
We then landed in Shanghai and jumped into a taxi. The driving here is insane and scary and I am really glad that Graham is safe at home. They just swerve in and out of lanes and I can tell you that we won’t be renting a car! We are heading out for dinner now and feeling pretty good so far. So, Michael’s plan might just have worked! I’ll check in soon and hopefully have some pictures by then.


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