Life in Fenyi


Back when we received our referral in September, we sent a care package to Fenyi Social Welfare Institute.  We included 2 disposable cameras and when Surae was handed to us, the cameras were as well.  They came filled with an amazing wealth of information about her first year of life. She seems so well loved in these photos and for that I am so thankful.   Here are a few of the pictures of Surae with her friends (many of whom were in our adoption group in China) and nanny in Fenyi.


Grace, Charlee, and Surae



Natalie and Surae


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  1. Courtney said,

    December 28, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    I happened upon your blog as I was researching Poyang and the Jiangxi Province. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Actually, I had remembered seeing her referral photo maybe on RQ. I’m so glad that she has adjusted well and that you all are a happy family! We hope to be going to Poyang in January to bring our daughter home. I’m sending off a care package this week and hope to get pictures back like the ones that you received. These are absolutely priceless! What a gift to have a glimpse at Surae’s life while you waited. Awesome!

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