Chinese New Year


This past Saturday, we attended a Chinese New Year party sponsored by the Greenville Chinese Cultural Association.  This is the Year of the Rat, not one of my favorite animals, but what can you do?  We dressed Graham and Surae up in red, which is the traditional color of Chinese New Year.  Red is thought to drive away bad luck. 


The event had a really big turn out.  There was traditional Chinese dance and some not-so-traditional (macarena, anyone?), martial arts, theatre, and song.  We feasted on some delicious Chinese food.  Graham surprised us by eating the fried smelt which are served whole.  For a boy that barely wants anything besides a peanut butter and jelly, it was shocking to see him bite the head off of a fish.  Graham also met a precious little girl named Mia and played with her the whole time.  He is going to a ladies man!  We had a great time and will definitely make it a tradition.






Jones Gap Day Hike

Graham Rock Climbing 

Today the weather was predicted to be a bit warmer, so we decided to head up to Jones Gap and go on a little morning hike.   It was really cold when we left the house, but it felt so refreshing once we started walking.  Graham really got into climbing rocks.  He also enjoyed pretending to be a bear and scaring Mommy.  Surae seemed to love riding in the baby backpack.  She really likes being outside.