Locks of Love

Two friends and I just donated a total of over 30 inches of our hair to Locks of Love.   We were all scared, but doing it together helped out a lot.  I am beginning to get used to it now, although when I first looked in the mirror after my hairdresser was done styling, I kind of just wanted to cry.  It’s just hair though and will grow out if I decide to go back to long. 


Crashed Computer

Recently, our computer crashed.  So, I’ve gotten behind in postings!  I also lost everyone’s email, so please send me an email when you get a chance, so that I can get everyone’s email addresses back.  Thanks!

Floyd Wine Festival – Wine Down the Trail

A few weekends ago, Michael and I finally took the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary by heading on over to Floyd, VA for a wine festival.  I found a wonderful inn for us to stay at in downtown Floyd called the Cottage on Main.  There are two cottages for rent behind the main house.  We stayed in the front one and it was fabulous.  There is a separate front sitting area with a connecting kitchen area and then a beautiful bathroom and warm and cozy bedroom.  The entire place is decorated in artwork much of which was created by the innkeeper herself.  Even the floors are hand painted.  It is truly a unique and wonderful place.

After we got settled in to our Inn and chatted with the inn keepers a bit, we headed into Floyd.  We had lunch at Cafe del Sol and it was fabulous.  Great funky atmosphere and beautiful fairy artwork surrounding us.  Then, we wandered around town a bit taking in the town.  Friday night outside of the Floyd Country Store is quite a bustling scene.  There were a ton of street musicians playing and music inside the country store as well which they have every Friday night. 

Later on, we went to the Sun Music Hall to see The Hackensaw Boys.  I had never heard of them before, but apparently a lot of people had because the place was packed out with enthusiastic people ready to dance.  For a town of 500, I was shocked at how full the venue was.  The Hackensaw Boys are from VA and play bluegrass and old time music kicked up quite a few notches.  They had the entire crowd moving all night and even came out into the audience to play at the end.  It was a super fun show.  After the show, our inn keepers were up having a drink in the back gazebo, so we joined them for a bit.  It is truly a welcoming place to stay!

The next day, we headed to Mabry Mill right on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Mabry Mill is a restored gristmill/sawmill/woodworking shop and blacksmith shop.  After that, it was time for the reason for our trip to Floyd, the Wine Down the Trail Festival.

The festival is held on the same grounds as FloydFest which we had attended 2 years ago.  It is a great festival site right off the parkway with a super stage.  We were able to sample wines from all over Virginia and North Carolina and found quite a few things we enjoyed.  You are able to buy the wine and then sit in front of the stage and enjoy the wine and the music.  It is a great set up.  We had a blast.

After the festival, we went to Oddfellas for dinner.  There was an African musician playing there while we ate.  He was super mellow and provided the perfect backdrop for our meal.  We had been to Oddfellas our first time in Floyd and it was just as tasty as we remembered.

Overall, our trip was a peaceful getaway.  If you ever get a chance to visit Floyd, you should.  It is such a unique and welcoming place!

Scram Moves On


Many of you know that my kitty cat, Scram, has been very sick for a while now.  He had contracted FIV and had been dropping weight for some time.  He passed away peacefully on Monday, July 14th.  I got Scram from a friend along with Medley who was unable to take care of the two cats while working as a caretaker at a chateau back in 1999.   It was supposed to be a temporary cat sitting job, but turned into a permanent home which was perfect for me.  Scram and Medley both quickly grew on me each with very distinct personalities.  Scram was a very intelligent cat, very curious, personable, and always ready to be right in the mix of things.  He really loved interacting with people, but also loved being outside and exploring his surroundings.  He will be greatly missed.

Edisto Beach Trip

Michael, Graham, Surae, and I headed off to the beach again this past weekend to spend some time with Michael’s family.  Graham was super excited.  He is becoming quite the beach lover.  We left town after Michael got off of work and got to Edisto around 10:30 or so.  When we woke up Saturday, we hit the beach.  I was really worried about the weather because it looked like it might actually rain, but of course it didn’t which this time turned out to be a good thing as our beach time was very limited.  So, we soaked up as much beach as possible Saturday-swimming, boogie board surfing, playing with sand toys, and feeding birds.  Surae stayed very engrossed with her water and sand toys at the beach which was great.  Graham and his big cousin Abby had a blast together and really got along wonderfully.

Saturday night, Nana and Poppy babysat and Michael and I went out to the Plantation Grill for dinner.  It was delicious and nice to have a peaceful dinner for a change.

Sunday, it was more beach.  Surae got a chance to hang out and play with her cousins Ellie and Caleigh.  They shared their toys really well for 1 year olds!  Then, we actually did get some rain.  After that, Poppy, Michael, Dave, and Abby went on a crabbing trip that scored no crabs, but they had fun anyway,  When they came back, we told Graham it was time to go home and he was not too happy about that.  He probably felt like he had just gotten there and we did too!  Nana and Poppy offered for him to stay and he jumped at the chance.  So, Graham is still at the beach.  He’ll be back Friday.  This will be the longest I’ll ever have been away from my little man, but I know he will have a blast.