Greenville’s War Museum

A few weeks ago, we took the kids for a picnic in McPherson Park and ended up walking past the Greenville American Legion War Museum.  Of course, Graham was drawn in by the big guns displayed outside the museum and wanted to get a closer look.  Graham is totally obsessed with guns.  I have no idea why as we have never let him watch violent cartoons or have any guns besides water guns, but his obsession is strong.  I had always heard that boys will turn anything into a gun and for my boy, that is so true.  Even though I have done everything in my power to discourage it, it has not seemed to help.  So, of course when we walked by the War Museum, he had to go and see it and I gave in.  

There was actually a lot of interesting memorabilia inside and the sweetest man that showed us around.  He loved Graham and seemed really happy to have him there visiting.  The man’s own war story was on display in a news article and it was the kind of story that haunts you.  This man had been seen things that no one person should ever have to experience.  So, I was really happy that Graham could put a smile on his face and give him a hug.  It ended up being a worthwhile visit and for a few minutes, I let Graham be surrounded by his current obsession.