All of the family came over today for a big Thanksgiving feast.  It was so much fun and I was so happy to have everyone over on this special day.  We are a lucky group of people.  My brother came into town yesterday and was able to spend some extra time with me and the kiddos.  Graham and Surae absolutely loved playing with him.  Surae became particularly attached to him.  She is getting so much better with letting people play with her and hold her.  It took a year, but she is finally warming up to other people.  I am so thankful today to have such a wonderful family.



Greenville Zoo in the Fall


The family took a trip to the Greenville Zoo today.  The weather has been right around the 60’s-70’s lately and fantastic.  The kids had fun with all the animals and playing on the cool new playground.



Halloween 2008

The kids had a blast trick or treating yesterday.  They both went to school in costume and stayed in them all day.  Surae went trick or treating at USC Upstate yesterday with her class.  Graham had a party at school with games and cupcakes.  Then, I took the kids to Michael’s work for more trick or treating.  Finally, we ended the night with even more trick or treating in North Main.  There were some great costumes out and about and wonderfully decorated houses.  It was such a fun Halloween!

Batman strikes a pose

Michael being scary

The end of the night- enjoying the treats!