Fun in the Snow!


It was so exciting for the prediction of snow to actually come to fruition.  I was so excited all day about the prospect of snow, so I decided to do some snow activities with the kids in anticipation.  We made snow pictures and had snow snacks during the day. 


Then, we received news that Anna C, Michael’s goddaughter, had her baby girl, Lydia.  So, we bundled up and headed to the hospital to see her.  She is beautiful. 


By the time we left the hospital, the snow was really  coming down.  When we arrived home, Graham wanted to play outside for a bit, so we had a snowball fight and built a snowman.  This was by far the best snowman we have been able to build in years. 


This morning, we got back out in it again.  Surae was a bit hesitant about walking in the snow and didn’t want to be hit by snowballs, but she did enjoy her sleigh ride. 


Hooray for snow!!