Pritchards Island Trip


The Lewis family once again were given the awesome privilege of being invited back to Pritchards Island off the coast of Beaufort.  This is such a unique experience.  Pritchards is truly magical from the driftwood covered beaches to the star filled skies, it is really amazing.  Michael and I took Graham again this year.  Surae is still a little young to run around in the marsh, but hopefully she will be able to come with us next time.  We drove down on Friday and stopped for lunch in Beaufort at Nippys.  This is a local seafood stand and their fish tacos are seriously scrumptious.  I recommend anyone in Beaufort to stop by-

After filling our bellys, we headed to the dock to meet up with Brad, Kate, Captain Al, Don, and Riley Wayne for our boat ride to the island.  Graham helped Captain Al to navigate the way and the boats were off.   It’s a beautiful ride out there and your cares really do seem to evaporate as you leave the land.


The whole weekend proceeded to be total relaxation.  On Friday, I sat on the dock a good bit and read a book I had been trying to finish for weeks, On Beauty, while the men sat on the boat and shot the shit.



We went for a marsh walk later and saw a big king snake that Graham was very excited about.


Cocktail hour was held on the dock and is always a highlight as well.  We sat there and enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.  For dinner, we ate a wonderful steak dinner and then we sat around the fire and to sing and play music.  Heaven!!


The next morning we set out for the beach.  On Pritchards, you can find the most intact shells and intricate pieces of driftwood.  We all had a great time exploring the beach while Kate’s dog, Bart, had a blast just running around.  This was a serious treat for a city dog.  The rest of the group went back to pick up more people to join the group, and Michael, Graham, and I lounged on the beach for most of the morning and early afternoon.


After we got back from the beach, we greeted all of the people that had arrived including 3 other boys.  Graham was very hesitant to meet the boys at first, but eventually warmed up and had a blast with everyone.  The rest of Saturday was spent talking, relaxing, eating, and singing songs.


Sunday morning, a hearty breakfast was made to send everyone on their way.  It was sad to go, but I am so thankful that I was able to experience such a magical place.  I hope to be allowed into the paradise of Pritchards again soon.



Happy Easter 2009


What a beautiful Easter weekend!  Yesterday, we went to an Easter egg hunt at the home of my co-worker Frances.  There were so many eggs and the kids had a blast running around.


Today, the family came over for a big Easter egg hunt and dinner.  We all had so much fun and ate way too much!  The weather both days was amazing.  So good to spend time with family!


Graham’s Camping Trip with Pop Pop

Graham had Spring Break last week and I didn’t 😦 so he, Pop Pop, and Roni went on a camping trip.  My dad just got this new camper and it is really great, so they took it for a test run.  Graham had a blast roasting marshmallows, collecting fire wood, watching tv, hiking, and lounging around with his Pop Pop.  He is one lucky boy!!