Huntington Beach Camping Trip

huntington 009 (760 x 1014)

A few weeks ago, the family went to Huntington Beach for our summer camping trip.  Huntington is really wonderful and we had such a great time hanging with the alligators, herons, and egrets.  The place is truly beautiful.  Graham loved swimming this year and really enjoyed getting in the waves.  Surae took some time to warm up to the water as she has to do with everything.  But, by the last day, she was loving it!  We mostly hung around the beach a lot and rode bikes around the campground.  One day, we went to Freestyle Music Park (was the old Hard Rock Music Park).  That was awesome.  The place was empty and we got on every ride with no wait at all which I love.  Another day, we went to Brookgreen Gardens which was my first trip there.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was incredible.  We went on the Low Country Trail to the zoo section and heard about all of the history of the old rice plantations.  The trail itself is gorgeous, but the story of the slaves is so tragic.  The zoo section was really interesting too.  We were able to take a tour there and see all of the animals getting fed.  Who can resist little otters eating hard boiled eggs?  We looked at all of the sculptures last and I was really blown away.  A totally fantastic place.  It was a great beach trip and looks like our last one in tents for a while as we just bought our first pop-up camper.  Boys need their toys!  Looking forward to Huntington in a pop-up next year.  Have to admit that air conditioning for a mid-day nap seems mighty appealing!

huntington 043 (507 x 676)

huntington 030 (760 x 1014)

huntington 006 (1014 x 760)

huntington 025 (760 x 1014)

huntington 022 (760 x 1014)

huntington 029 (760 x 1014)

huntington 003 (760 x 1014)

huntington 033 (760 x 1014)

huntington 015 (1014 x 760)

huntington 013 (760 x 1014)

huntington 033 (760 x 1014)

huntington 002 (760 x 1014)

huntington 014 (760 x 1014)

huntington 017 (760 x 1014)

huntington 023 (1014 x 760)

huntington 009 (507 x 676)

huntington 056 (760 x 1014)

huntington 018 (760 x 1014)

huntington 038 (760 x 1014)

huntington 064 (760 x 1014)

huntington 049 (760 x 1014)

huntington 050 (1014 x 760)

huntington 053 (760 x 1014)


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