Spring LEAF 2010

Another spring, another LEAF!  This was the second LEAF with our pop-up and what a difference that makes especially on those cold Black Mt. nights.  We’ve been able to hook up to power both times and it is fabulous.  We have heat, a refrigerator, stove, a soft bed, and a bathroom because good grief, using a port-a-potty sure gets old after 4 days.  The weather was really fantastic most of the weekend except for some serious wind.  The kid’s village was moved this time to a much larger, but a bit less accessible location.  So, Graham sold record bowls again, but not quite as much since it was much farther away.  Secret Agent 23 Skidoo rocked the kid’s stage and was a weekend highlight for me as well as the kids!

This year we also decided to watch the parade instead of participate and that was a great choice.  It’s hard to see everything when you are in it, so we just got to see all the fun and craziness come by.  The masks this year were by far some of the most creative and unusual of any LEAF we have been to.  Some of them were actually quite scary, but the kids didn’t seem to think so as much as I did.

It was really a pretty laid back weekend over all with some much needed family time.  LEAF is always a great time to reconnect with the family and make some fun memories!


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