Yogi Bears Jellystone Camping Trip with Pop Pop

Pop Pop took Graham, Surae, and I on a trip to the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground in Marion, NC.  It was a great trip!  The campground was very cute with a big pool, fun water slide, arcade, mini golf, paddle boats, etc.  The weather was insanely hot that week even way up in the mountains, so we weren’t able to try out the mini golf or paddle boats.  We mostly took day trips during the hot afternoons and swam in the mornings and evenings.  Graham and Surae both loved the waterslide the best.  It was super fun!

The Yogi Campgrounds have themes each week and the week we were there was Pirate Week.  They have games and activities each day to go with the theme which the kids loved.

We took a trip to Linville Caverns and Linville Falls one day.  The caverns were very interesting and it was great getting into 57 degrees for a change!  Graham and I did the hike to the falls and went around to all the different views of the falls.  The hike was pretty easy to moderate and Graham did a great job keeping up.

Another day we visited the NC Mineral Museum  and checked out a 100 yr old apple orchard, both right off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The parkway is always a treat.  The whole camping trip was really wonderful!  Thanks Pop Pop!!


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