Graham Loses A Tooth

Graham has been very eager to lose a tooth and he got his wish last week.  He lost not one, but three teeth in one week.  Michael and I wondered if after he realized he got money after losing the first one, he might have pulled the other 2 out!


Happy Birthdays and Halloween

October is always such a busy and fun month!  After returning from LEAF, it was time to start preparing for Halloween and Surae’s 4th birthday. Surae has been so excited to turn 4 and has talked about it basically non-stop for months.  She has also been very consistent in her birthday requests- a princess bike, a cupcake maker, and a Barbie Splash Mermaid.  The girl knows what she wants!

On her actual birthday, she decided she wanted IHOP funny face pancakes.  They were Halloween themed funny faces ones when we went and certainly the grossest pancakes I have ever seen!

When we got back home, we let her open our presents and she was thrilled to finally have her big girl bike!!

Pop Pop and Roni came up the next day and she got to open more presents including the much desired cupcake maker.  She was thrilled!!

Since her birthday is so close to Halloween, we decided to have a combo party this year and have a dress up party.  Lots of people came and she had a great time!  We had Halloween themed food including melon brain and mummy wraps.  The kids painted little pumpkins, decorated cupcakes and played outside since the weather was so fabulous.  Surae had a blast with all of her friends.

LEAF Fall 2010

The Lake Eden Arts Festival in Black Mt, NC has come and gone again this fall.  We had a great time as always!  The weather was beautiful, the people kind, and it is always such a great time to reconnect with family and friends!
Graham once again made record bowls to sell at the Children’s Market this year.

He expanded his line though to include record cover bookmarks and wine cork earrings.  Such a little entrepreneur!

Surae, of course, worked as the record bowl apprentice!

He did a great job selling all weekend.  He loves to make some Lego money!!

The Weisers camped with us along with 2 other families from Atlanta.  We had a big group and lots of kids running around all weekend.  It was wonderful to get to spend some time with Chris and Tammy and to let all the kiddos play together!

The music was super as usual.  The Secret B Sides played all 3 nights which was fantastic.  Surae even got to go on stage with Juan!  Such the little groupie!!

Lots of fun was had by all as always.  I was once again blessed by the blue fairy and I’m hoping that will hold me over until the spring!