Graham Turns 7

My little LEGO fanatic turned 7 on June 15.  We are normally away at the beach, but were actually around, so we decided to have a little house party for some of his school friends.  Of course, he wanted a LEGO theme.  I got a LEGO block mold from ebay and we made LEGO soaps, crayons, and chocolates.  We had several LEGO building contests including highest tower, minifigs, and most creative use of blocks.  The kids all had fun and Graham loved being surrounded by his friends, cousins and LEGOs on his birthday!

We ended up having Graham’s birthday on Father’s Day, so we combined it with some Father’s Day festivities as well.


Happy Birthdays and Halloween

October is always such a busy and fun month!  After returning from LEAF, it was time to start preparing for Halloween and Surae’s 4th birthday. Surae has been so excited to turn 4 and has talked about it basically non-stop for months.  She has also been very consistent in her birthday requests- a princess bike, a cupcake maker, and a Barbie Splash Mermaid.  The girl knows what she wants!

On her actual birthday, she decided she wanted IHOP funny face pancakes.  They were Halloween themed funny faces ones when we went and certainly the grossest pancakes I have ever seen!

When we got back home, we let her open our presents and she was thrilled to finally have her big girl bike!!

Pop Pop and Roni came up the next day and she got to open more presents including the much desired cupcake maker.  She was thrilled!!

Since her birthday is so close to Halloween, we decided to have a combo party this year and have a dress up party.  Lots of people came and she had a great time!  We had Halloween themed food including melon brain and mummy wraps.  The kids painted little pumpkins, decorated cupcakes and played outside since the weather was so fabulous.  Surae had a blast with all of her friends.

Graham Turns 6!

Graham turned 6 on June 15.  We had just gotten back into town from Jekyll and were about to head back out of town for a wedding, so we had a quick family dinner on his birthday.  Graham chose to have an Asian feast because he loves dumplings, so we hit the Asian grocer and picked out the dinner.  Everyone loved it!

The anticipation for this birthday was huge because he has been so excited about the possibility of new legos.  The boy is completely and totally lego obsessed and had been drooling over some of the new sets in Toys R Us and Target for months.  So, when the City Police Headquarters was unveiled, he flipped out.  He gave me the biggest hug I had ever spontaneously received from him.  It was awesome!

Happy Birthday Graham 🙂

Happy Birthday Surae!!

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Surae turned 3 on October 27.  This was the day before we brought her home 2 years ago.  Hard to believe we have had our sweet, funny, independent little girl home for that long.  In the past 2 years, she has grown from a quiet, shy Surae to a little girl who bursts with humor and spunk.  We are so in love!  Happy Birthday Sweet Surae.

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Super Graham Turns 5!

Graham is very into all things Super Hero at this point in his life, so he wanted to have a super hero party.  Graham and I made capes for all the kiddos and let everyone decorate their own mask.  Michael grilled up pizzas for everyone that were delish and of course, we had to bust a Batman pinata.  He had a great time and was so excited to have a birthday party.  He kept asking the next day if he looked bigger and how he had changed since turning 5.  I can’t believe he is about to start 5K in the fall.  What a big boy!!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Surae!

Surae’s 2nd Birthday is Monday, so we celebrated with a little party on Saturday.  This also means that on Tuesday, we will have had Surae for a whole year.  We decided to just invite family for her birthday party as Surae is still not too crazy about other people being around.  She is a big time velcro baby with me. 

Surae, unfortunately, did not hold up too well for the party.  She clung to me the whole time and wouldn’t let anyone touch her.  She got really upset about her gifts (again- an apprehension to all things new and unfamiliar) and just kept saying no.  The only gift she seemed to attach to was a stuffed Camel from Pop Pop and Roni and her dress up jewelry. 

I thought she was handling things even worse than anticipated and I finally felt her head and she seemed pretty warm.  She had a runny nose all day, but everyone in my house has a runny nose right now, so I didn’t think too much about it.  Anyway, when I took her temperature it was 103.1. She always seems to run a really high temp when she’s not feeling well. 

We put her to bed early (before even eating her cake) and she stayed asleep for a few hours, but was then up constantly, so I pulled her into bed with me around 9.  She slept pretty well and her fever went right down, but she is a restless sleeper, so I didn’t get much sleep at all.  It was kind of a crazy birthday to say the least.

In other news, my dad and Roni bought Surae this baby doll that moves and coos.  Surae didn’t want anything to do with it, but Graham loves it.  He keeps wanting to feed it and put it to sleep.  It is too funny.  Graham is calling her his new sister.  Ha!!

Happy 4th Birthday Graham!

Graham turned 4 on Sunday.  What a day!  Not only was it Graham’s birthday, but it was also Father’s Day, our anniversary, and Michael’s parent’s anniversary.  That’s a lot to pack into one day.  Needless to say, our anniversary fell to the wayside, but we plan on celebrating it in July hopefully. 

The birthday festivities began on Saturday with the arrival of my brother.  He had a hockey match on Sunday, so decided to come into town a day early to hang out with Graham and spoil him rotten.  This turned out to be a great idea as Graham and Uncle Chris needed to catch up on some bonding time.  This time to bond even included a heated game of “rag in the face” that ultimately led to the sprinkler, Mr. Volcano’s ultimate demise, but sometimes with good fun you have to pay the price. 

The next day, we let Graham open our presents before the chaos of the party ensued.  He loved his big boy 4 year old roller skates.  He had seen other kids wearing those and decided that when he was 4, he would magically wake up and be able to skate.  He also was extremely excited about a daddy gift selection, the space alien laser.  I was not too excited about this purchase, but sometimes Mommy’s get overruled.

For the party, we set up a ton of water toys including this great big octopus that Uncle Chris gave Graham for his birthday.  Michael’s friend, Mike, also let us borrow a bouncy tent which was a hit.  Thanks Mike!!  It looked like it might rain and although we desperately need it, I was hoping it would hold off for the party which it did. 

Graham decided he didn’t want cake this year, but an ice cream sundae party instead.  So, I found these toy sand buckets that seemed perfect for loading with ice cream and other goodies.  It worked well and definitely cut down on the mess. 

After ice cream, Graham and his friends opened presents.  He had a great time ripping through the gifts and is just now starting to process what all of those goodies actually are.  It was a bit of a whirlwind. 

All in all, Graham had a great time.  He was completely exhausted today and I also subjected him today to his 4 year old check up where he had to get 5 shots and a finger prick.  Poor guy!  He’s definitely growing up really fast.  Before long, he’ll be telling me he is tired of being 4 and ready to be 5, but hopefully he’ll bask in the glory of 4 for at least a little while.

Gotcha Day


Can you believe it?  After over 2 years of paperwork and waiting, we finally have our baby girl, Surae Yaxue and boy was she worth every second of the wait.  She is absolutely amazing.  She has been an angel baby so far.  I keep thinking I need to knock on some wood.  The gotcha process was a whirlwind.  We landed in Nanchang and got whisked to the hotel.  We only stayed at the hotel for 10 minutes and then went straight to the Jiangxi Center for Adoptive Services Office in Nanchang where we walked into a room full of babies.  It was crazy and chaotic and my heart was racing!  Surae was placed with us and although she whimpered, she never really cried and hasn’t since.  She has been wonderful.  She has taken to Michael and I both so far and doesn’t seem to prefer one over the other.  She is very curious and loves her toys we brought.  She can examine a toy for hours.  She can already stand without any support too.  She seems really healthy and loves eating her cheerios and biscuits.  We’re already making her smile a little too.  We are in love!!

Happy Birthday Graham!!

 Graham is 3!

Graham turned 3 last Friday.  It is so hard to believe and so amazing to watch him grow.  He changes so much every day and I am trying to take it all in.  We had a great birthday party last weekend at Riverbend Farms.  Friends, family, and even 2 of his teachers came out to the equestrian park to join in pony rides, a petting zoo, and a hay ride.   The pony rides were the highlight for me.  Those kids looked absolutely adorable on that pony.  They all seemed to love it too. 

 Graham Rides a Pony

The tractor for the hay ride was right there too and the kids had a blast playing with the truck and in the hay. 

 Riding the Tractor

We took a hay ride through the woods and back to a super petting zoo.  Graham and his friends came back and ate hot dogs, hamburgers, and cake.  Then, Graham opened a sea of presents.  He even got his own cowboy costume which he tried on when he got home.  He is one lucky boy!   Can’t wait to see what Graham’s next year has in store for us… 

Cowboy Costume

Welcome Caleigh

I’m playing catch up tonight and I realized that I have gotten so far behind that I hadn’t welcomed Caleigh yet.  Michael’s sister had a baby girl that was born on April 16.  Her name is Caleigh Elizabeth and she weighed 7 lbs and 6 oz. and was 20 1/4 inches. I love this picture of her and her big sis Abby.  So beautiful!


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