Chinese New Year 2010 The Year of the Tiger

As part of the Families with Children from China dinner group, we had a Chinese New Year’s Party at our house for all of the families.  Although we have a whole bag full of silk outfits we bought in China, we never get them out for Surae to wear, so it is always fun to have an opportunity to do so.  All of the kids looked great.  We even bought Graham a silk outfit for the party and he loved wearing it because he thought it made him look like a karate master.  For the party, we made all Chinese food.  Michael made the most amazing sweet and sour soup and I made a pork and brocolli stir fry dish.  Everyone else brought delicious Chinese food too and we had a feast.  The kids had crafts activities to do as well.  It was really fun and I hope it will become a yearly tradition.