Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was so much fun!  The kids were ecstatic of course and the snowfall on Christmas was so beautiful and such a rare treat.

I mean, how can you not feel the enthusiasm from this picture??


Graham’s biggest request this year was for a spy net video watch and Santa must have listened.  He also wanted the Lego Death Star, but at $600, it was way out of Santa’s budget!


Surae didn’t have any major requests, but Santa thought she might like a camera since she is always stealing her mommy’s and he was right.  She took about 200 pictures Christmas day, none of which were in focus, but she’s getting a lot of practice!


Although Graham didn’t get the Death Star, he did get a lot of cool Lego sets.  He spent the majority of the day huddled over building Lego’s with his Uncle Chris, also a Lego fanatic.


Graham also wanted a skateboard and Nana and Poppy delivered on that.  He is one lucky boy!


When Graham was not dominating Uncle Chris’s attention with Lego’s, Surae got in some fun with him too.


My dad was kind enough to give the family an Xbox Kinect.  It is so futuristic and cool, plus really great exercise.  Thanks Dad!!


We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family.  It was a great Christmas!


Goodbye Summer 2010

Well, summer has almost flown by.  Our smaller, more portable camera broke a few months back, so we’ve been relatively pictureless, but we have managed to take a few, some with just my cell phone.  We’ve all had a busy, but fantastic summer!  Graham is now back in school and just started first grade and Surae is getting ready to start 3 year old kindergarten!

Graham, Surae, and I joined Otter Creek Water Park this summer which we all loved.  Going to the pool several times a week was so much fun and Graham was able to learn how to swim.  He loves to swim underwater the most.  Surae is getting much more comfortable with the water too and I think by next summer, she’ll be swimming right beside him.

Graham and Surae have spent lots of time with their grandparents this summer which they both have loved and Michael and I have greatly appreciated!  Thanks Grands!!!

They took a trip with their Nana and Poppy to the beach and stayed at Pirateland in their camper.  They had a great time!  They were able to swim lots, go to the beach, and to the Imax theater.  Fun!

All that fun in the sun certainly wore them out!

Surae spent lots of time camping with her Pop Pop and Roni this summer too.  That girl loves her Pop Pop!!

Graham has also continued his obsession with Legos.  His little word really revolves around them:  buying them, putting them together, taking them back apart and doing it all over again, drooling over the ones he doesn’t have, watching reviews of  Legos on the computer… The boy is in love with Legos!!  I decided one day this summer to take him to Charlotte to the Lego Store as a surprise.  He loved it.  He was even able to participate in a Lego building competition and take home a mini fig.  That was the ultimate in cool for my little Lego freak!

We made a side trip on the way to the Lego Store at a Natural History Museum that was super cool.

And finally, to officially end our summer fun, Graham started 1st Grade.  He is growing up way too fast.  You always hear everyone say that, but you never understand it until you have kids and watch them do it!

I feel very lucky to have been able to spend the summer with the kids!  We stayed super busy and had so much fun and I already can’t wait to do it all over again.

Jekyll Island, GA


Michael’s cousin Tish recently got married in St. Simon’s Island which gave us a wonderful opportunity to visit Jekyll Island.  Jekyll is a barrier island off the coast of Georgia and is only about 7 miles long and 1 1/2 miles wide.  There are biking trails all around the island, so we spent a lot of time biking which was great.  You can bike along the ocean, marsh, and in the historic district.  We got there Thursday afternoon after about a 6 hour drive from Greenville.  The campground is fairly packed in and nothing too great, but nice enough for being able to stay right across from the beach.  There are live oaks throughout the campground and the bathrooms were some of the cleanest I have ever seen at a campground, so that’s always a bonus!


We spent Friday on the beach and biking around town.  The biking really was fantastic.  It would be great if every town had so many biking trails that get you everywhere you need to go without ever having to get in a car.  The beaches were really beautiful too.  We went to some sections that were covered in some of the biggest pieces of driftwood that I had ever seen. The kids loved climbing on them.




At night, we went to eat at Crabdaddy’s Seafood Grill with Michael’s parents.  It was absolutely delicious!


On Saturday, we biked again back into the historic district.  The historic district houses the Jekyll Island Club Hotel which was built in 1886.  It seriously feels like one has entered lifestyles of the rich and famous when you step foot in this area with old men and women dressed in white playing croquet on the manicured lawn.  Ridiculous!  It’s a gorgeous area though and you do get the sense that you have stepped back in time.


The historic district also houses the new Sea Turtle Center where they were having a Halloween Party.  It was lots of fun and we got to see all of the sea turtles that were being rehabilitated.



Saturday night, we went to the wedding in St. Simon’s Island.  The ceremony was held overlooking the ocean and it was really breathtaking- beautiful weather, gorgeous bride, so fun!  Graham and Surae had a blast at their first real wedding.  It was a great night.


We headed back home on Sunday with everyone exhausted from a busy few days.  We definitely plan on returning and experiencing even more of the region next time.



Happy Easter 2009


What a beautiful Easter weekend!  Yesterday, we went to an Easter egg hunt at the home of my co-worker Frances.  There were so many eggs and the kids had a blast running around.


Today, the family came over for a big Easter egg hunt and dinner.  We all had so much fun and ate way too much!  The weather both days was amazing.  So good to spend time with family!




All of the family came over today for a big Thanksgiving feast.  It was so much fun and I was so happy to have everyone over on this special day.  We are a lucky group of people.  My brother came into town yesterday and was able to spend some extra time with me and the kiddos.  Graham and Surae absolutely loved playing with him.  Surae became particularly attached to him.  She is getting so much better with letting people play with her and hold her.  It took a year, but she is finally warming up to other people.  I am so thankful today to have such a wonderful family.


More Christmas Pictures


Nana and Poppy came over this past weekend and we had Christmas all over again.  It was wonderful and Graham and Surae loved seeing them!  Surae is feeling much, much better, thank goodness!  She is barely coughing at all anymore.  She should be just about ready to start at the child development center on Monday where I am sure she will be exposed to a whole new slew of illnesses.  It may just be one long winter! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve and Happy New Year to you all!







Surae Update

Life is starting to resemble normalcy in our household, thank goodness!  After 4 nights of almost no sleep, Surae decided on Wednesday night to give sleep a shot and try out the American Eastern time zone.  She slept in her crib Wednesday night without waking until 12:30 am and then woke every hour or so to be consoled, but stayed in her crib and went back to sleep really quickly.   Last night was absolutely great!  She slept until about 2:30 am and then went right back to sleep.  She woke up around 5:30 both mornings, but we can work on that later 🙂  It looks like we may be on the right track and I am starting to feel like a human again.  Sleep really does help. 

Surae’s Nana and Poppy came over yesterday.  Happy Birthday Nana!  Surae is enjoying meeting all of her new family!


Back Home and a Bit Crazy!

 We arrived home Saturday night around 11:00 pm after a very long flight.  The plane ride was the part of this journey that I feared the most and it really turned out to not be as bad as I thought it would be.  After fussing for a couple of hours, Surae passed out and slept for quite a while.  Well, little did I know that would be the most sleep she would be getting for some time!  In China, Surae slept through the night since day one, but arriving home has been a different story.  The combination of the 13 hour time difference and the total change in environment has thrown her for a loop!  We have been up most of the night every single night since we arrived home.  She is really needing constant attention from me right now which is very understandable and which I am ready to give, but, boy is it exhausting!  So, for all the people who have called and emailed and received no response, I have to give a blanket, Sorry.  I have just been totally swamped.  In China, I could put Surae down and leave the room.  But, she here needs the comfort of my arms most of the day.  This makes little things like showering pretty tough!  Luckily, my dad, has been here and helping a lot and Surae has really taken to him, thank goodness!   To make things a little more difficult, Surae also has a pretty bad cold.  I took her to the doctor yesterday and she has to be on the nebulizer and had to receive a chest x-ray. 
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Graham has been a fantastic big brother so far.  He has wanted to feed Surae her bottles, hold her, and when she cries, he gives her toys without me even asking him to.  Of course, with mommy being gone for 3 weeks, he has needed a good bit of extra attention from me which I am trying desperately to give at the same time as meeting all of Surae’s needs. 
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Micahael went back to work on Monday and was totally jet lagged and then on Monday night developed a stomach virus and was up all night sick.  So, life has been a bit hectic to say the least, but I know Surae wil get more and more adjusted each day and things will get better!

Ellie Cai Comes Home


Melanie and Dave’s baby girl Ellie arrived home with them from China on September 22nd.  They had a great trip to China and gave us lots of great tips to prepare up for our journey!  Ellie is absolutely adorable and seems to be adjusting really well.  She is such a cutie pie!

Ellie and Nana

The Whole Family

Pet Possum

Pet Possum

Michael and I adopted this possum a few weeks ago.   He’s pretty tiny and a little too comfortable with humans.  He was certainly comfortable enough to let Michael get close enough to take this picture.  He visits every night now and we let him, although I know we shouldn’t.   If you come and visit around 10:00 pm, you can see our pet possum.  He’s growing up so fast!

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