Goodbye Summer 2010

Well, summer has almost flown by.  Our smaller, more portable camera broke a few months back, so we’ve been relatively pictureless, but we have managed to take a few, some with just my cell phone.  We’ve all had a busy, but fantastic summer!  Graham is now back in school and just started first grade and Surae is getting ready to start 3 year old kindergarten!

Graham, Surae, and I joined Otter Creek Water Park this summer which we all loved.  Going to the pool several times a week was so much fun and Graham was able to learn how to swim.  He loves to swim underwater the most.  Surae is getting much more comfortable with the water too and I think by next summer, she’ll be swimming right beside him.

Graham and Surae have spent lots of time with their grandparents this summer which they both have loved and Michael and I have greatly appreciated!  Thanks Grands!!!

They took a trip with their Nana and Poppy to the beach and stayed at Pirateland in their camper.  They had a great time!  They were able to swim lots, go to the beach, and to the Imax theater.  Fun!

All that fun in the sun certainly wore them out!

Surae spent lots of time camping with her Pop Pop and Roni this summer too.  That girl loves her Pop Pop!!

Graham has also continued his obsession with Legos.  His little word really revolves around them:  buying them, putting them together, taking them back apart and doing it all over again, drooling over the ones he doesn’t have, watching reviews of  Legos on the computer… The boy is in love with Legos!!  I decided one day this summer to take him to Charlotte to the Lego Store as a surprise.  He loved it.  He was even able to participate in a Lego building competition and take home a mini fig.  That was the ultimate in cool for my little Lego freak!

We made a side trip on the way to the Lego Store at a Natural History Museum that was super cool.

And finally, to officially end our summer fun, Graham started 1st Grade.  He is growing up way too fast.  You always hear everyone say that, but you never understand it until you have kids and watch them do it!

I feel very lucky to have been able to spend the summer with the kids!  We stayed super busy and had so much fun and I already can’t wait to do it all over again.


Breaking in the Camper

Sorry for the total lack of posts lately.  We really were in winter hibernation for what felt like forever.  Now, in the past few weeks we have been so busy enjoying spring, I have forgotten to post.  Well, weekend before last we got a chance to take the camper out of hibernation for an Easter trip to Oconee State Park.  I really do like the holiday camping trips.  Easter egg hunting around the campsite was so cool although we did have to wait for the last minute to hide the eggs because otherwise those park raccoons would have had some super fat bellies and probably a tummy ache in the morning!  It was also a little tricky picking out candy because we had to stick to non melting candy.  Besides that, it was super fun and the weekend weather was beautiful.  We took off on Friday and Michael’s parents met us there as well with their new camper which was great.

Friday, we set up camp and went on a little hike and nature hunt around the lake.  We found toads, turtles, fish, and lots of birds and bugs with Graham as our lead explorer.

On Saturday, we visited the Walhalla Fish Hatchery.  It was our first time there and a very cool place to visit.  This is the only trout hatchery in South Carolina.

After we got back, the campground held a 2,000 egg Easter hunt.  How cool!  The kids were split up by age groups and there were more eggs than their baskets could hold.

Sunday, we dragged ourselves out of the camper still in pjs for a sunrise service at the lake.  It was a great weekend with gorgeous weather and fantastic QT with the family.  So glad to be back in the camper and ready for the next trip already.

Surae Goes to the Circus

Surae’s Nana and Poppy take one grandchild to the circus each year and this year was Surae’s turn.  From what I hear, Surae was a little hesitant at first around all of the excitement which is no surprise.  But, after getting more comfortable, she had a great time.  Thanks Nana and Poppy!