Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was so much fun!  The kids were ecstatic of course and the snowfall on Christmas was so beautiful and such a rare treat.

I mean, how can you not feel the enthusiasm from this picture??


Graham’s biggest request this year was for a spy net video watch and Santa must have listened.  He also wanted the Lego Death Star, but at $600, it was way out of Santa’s budget!


Surae didn’t have any major requests, but Santa thought she might like a camera since she is always stealing her mommy’s and he was right.  She took about 200 pictures Christmas day, none of which were in focus, but she’s getting a lot of practice!


Although Graham didn’t get the Death Star, he did get a lot of cool Lego sets.  He spent the majority of the day huddled over building Lego’s with his Uncle Chris, also a Lego fanatic.


Graham also wanted a skateboard and Nana and Poppy delivered on that.  He is one lucky boy!


When Graham was not dominating Uncle Chris’s attention with Lego’s, Surae got in some fun with him too.


My dad was kind enough to give the family an Xbox Kinect.  It is so futuristic and cool, plus really great exercise.  Thanks Dad!!


We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family.  It was a great Christmas!


Fun in the Snow!


It was so exciting for the prediction of snow to actually come to fruition.  I was so excited all day about the prospect of snow, so I decided to do some snow activities with the kids in anticipation.  We made snow pictures and had snow snacks during the day. 


Then, we received news that Anna C, Michael’s goddaughter, had her baby girl, Lydia.  So, we bundled up and headed to the hospital to see her.  She is beautiful. 


By the time we left the hospital, the snow was really  coming down.  When we arrived home, Graham wanted to play outside for a bit, so we had a snowball fight and built a snowman.  This was by far the best snowman we have been able to build in years. 


This morning, we got back out in it again.  Surae was a bit hesitant about walking in the snow and didn’t want to be hit by snowballs, but she did enjoy her sleigh ride. 


Hooray for snow!!

Locks of Love

Two friends and I just donated a total of over 30 inches of our hair to Locks of Love.   We were all scared, but doing it together helped out a lot.  I am beginning to get used to it now, although when I first looked in the mirror after my hairdresser was done styling, I kind of just wanted to cry.  It’s just hair though and will grow out if I decide to go back to long. 

Crashed Computer

Recently, our computer crashed.  So, I’ve gotten behind in postings!  I also lost everyone’s email, so please send me an email when you get a chance, so that I can get everyone’s email addresses back.  Thanks!

Spring is Here

The weather has been fabulous lately and the kids have been getting outside a lot lately.  Surae loves going out especially to slide, swing, and attempt to climb up the playhouse ladder.  She is actually a great climber and can get up those steps in no time.  She also loves the sand box and she and Graham have a great time digging holes and building castles.  She is walking really well now too and very proud of herself.  We are proud too!

It has been a really busy month.  Graham and Surae both were sick- Graham with strep throat and Surae with an ear and sinus infection.  They are all better now, thank goodness, but it was a rough few weeks.  Work has been super slammed too, but good.  I just put on an Anxiety Awareness Event at my school, the first ever, and I think it went well.  The Spartanburg Herald came out to cover it.  Here is a link to the article.

Life is basically great.  Surae and Graham are forming the cutest bond and really enjoy eachother in a way I never could have envisioned.  It is the best thing to watch.  

Bye, Bye Camille


We had to put our dog, Camille, to sleep in April.  She had cancer and it had progressed to the point where she was in too much pain.  She was a sweet girl and a great protector of our home.  She will be missed. 

Snapping Turtle

My dad saw a snapping turtle strolling along Clemson Blvd in Anderson yesterday.  All the cars were stopped but no one knew what to do.  My dad stopped the car and bravely scooped that beast up and threw him in his van!  The crowd cheered and he escorted him to turtle safety in the Hartwell Lake.  Ofcourse, now I am going to feel even more nervous about swimming in the lake after seeing the size of this guy.  Yikes! The Big TurtleOn his way to freedom