Recently, I ran into a problem I have had many times before- too many books and nowhere to put them.  I am no good at getting rid of books.  I just love to see books in my surroundings.  It feels warm, comfy,  and familiar.  Although I rarely even have time to pick up a book since Graham was born, I still like to think that one day I will get around to delving into these books.  Luckily, we have a lot of bookshelves so book storage hasn’t been a problem.  Until recently that is.  My dad is selling his house and I still had quite a few boxes of books in his garage.  It was time to move the books back in with me.  Reliving the books from my high school days was fantastic.  I hadn’t laid eyes on my Ayn Rand, John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, even Catcher in the Rye since high school and early college days.  I knew they were there and it was so great to get them out of the boxes and put them rightfully in place on the bookshelf.   But, moving these new books in also meant having to move some old books out.  I just didn’t have enough room for all of them.  Some books such as “My Boys Can Swim” (a gift to Michael after news of my pregnancy was announced) were easy to part with.  For others the choice was so necessary, but difficult!  I put them in a box and called Bentley’s to see about trading.  Bentley’s told me they were taking no more books.  So, I decided to bring them to Goodwill.  That is until I just stumbled upon a new website This site allows people to list books they want to get rid of, while mooching books from other people around the world.  Points are earned for listing books and sending books.  And then points are taken for mooching.  You have to pay to send the books, but you can get a book in return equally.  I am so excited! Of course, now instead of getting rid of books, I’m trading them for more books.  I guess more bookshelves will just have to be built.