January Snow

It’s now March and the weather seems like it’s leaning towards Spring, but it’s always possible to get that weird late snow in South Carolina.  We had the best snow in ages back in January here.  It took us out of school for an entire week which the kids loved of course.  Usually when we get winter weather, it mainly consists of ice, but we had more than enough snow to play in this time.  The park provided some great sledding hills and the kids had a blast!


Snow in South Carolina!

We’ve had an unusually snowy winter here so far.  The first time it snowed at the end of January, we mainly got a sheet of ice to play in which was great for sledding. Graham had a blast sledding with Ryan and Sadie.

This last time mid February it was a really snow with big fat flakes falling from the sky.  The kids and I got home just in time to see it all falling and ran around in it for a while before it got dark.  It melted really quickly the next day, but it sure was beautiful to look at.