Graham Turns 7

My little LEGO fanatic turned 7 on June 15.  We are normally away at the beach, but were actually around, so we decided to have a little house party for some of his school friends.  Of course, he wanted a LEGO theme.  I got a LEGO block mold from ebay and we made LEGO soaps, crayons, and chocolates.  We had several LEGO building contests including highest tower, minifigs, and most creative use of blocks.  The kids all had fun and Graham loved being surrounded by his friends, cousins and LEGOs on his birthday!

We ended up having Graham’s birthday on Father’s Day, so we combined it with some Father’s Day festivities as well.


LEAF Spring 2011



Another spring, another LEAF to enjoy!   We had another wonderful LEAF experience and were thrilled to bring along 5 new LEAF recruits- Kelly, John & Oscar and Sarah & Josh.  I think they were all converts after the weekend.  I was super worried about the weather this year because the forecast was for rain, rain, and more rain.  What happened was the total opposite.  It was some of the best LEAF weather we had ever experienced!

Graham expanded his kid’s market line this year to include LEGO earrings.  As a LEGO fanatic, it was the perfect choice for an addition to his wares.  His uncle Chris sent us a bunch of extra LEGO pieces to work with and he and Holly stopped in on their way back from Asheville to help us get some earrings made.  They turned out looked way better than I expected and were a huge hit at LEAF.  Graham sold out of almost all of his earrings.

Graham and Surae had a blast at the festival as always and we tried some new things this year like the rock climbing wall and the trampoline.  The kids loved doing that!



Urban Farm Tour

Greenville started this super event this year called the Urban Farm Tour where people received maps of where to go to see urban farming at its best.

There was everything from herb gardens to chicken coops to honeybees along the way.  It was a great event and I loved seeing what other people were doing in the community.   My friend Michael and his daughter Sadie came along with Surae and I.  The girls loved seeing all the animals especially the baby chicks.  I wish it had been an extra day because there was so much to see and we only made it to about 6 of the houses.  Greenville sure is stepping up their game!

Easter 2011

I know posting about Easter when it’s almost July??  Pretty slack!!  We’ve just been so busy this spring and into the beginning of summer.  Busy with fun stuff, but busy.

We once again went camping for Easter this year which is a tradition I hope we will continue.  The kids think it is so cool that the Easter Bunny comes to the campground and it’s usually nice enough out for our first camping trip of the year.

We went to Oconee State Park again this year.  They have an enormous Easter Egg Hunt, so it’s a good choice for Easter camping.  Surae actually got pretty sick this year at Easter and ran a little fever.  Pop Pop brought his camper too and Surae stayed with him one day while Michael, Graham, and I went on a hike to a nearby waterfall.

The Easter Bunny arrived on time and left fun treats inside the camper and hid Easter eggs all over our campsite.