Scram Moves On


Many of you know that my kitty cat, Scram, has been very sick for a while now.  He had contracted FIV and had been dropping weight for some time.  He passed away peacefully on Monday, July 14th.  I got Scram from a friend along with Medley who was unable to take care of the two cats while working as a caretaker at a chateau back in 1999.   It was supposed to be a temporary cat sitting job, but turned into a permanent home which was perfect for me.  Scram and Medley both quickly grew on me each with very distinct personalities.  Scram was a very intelligent cat, very curious, personable, and always ready to be right in the mix of things.  He really loved interacting with people, but also loved being outside and exploring his surroundings.  He will be greatly missed.