Surae’s First Haircut

I have been super reluctant to cut Surae’s hair and haven’t done so since we brought her back from China.  Well, it was time!  Her hair had gotten so long and it was really getting difficult to manage, so we brought her in for her first haircut.  Being the little diva that she is, she was really excited about it.  She did great and sat super still.  I was so shocked when I first saw how short it was, but now I love it and I think it looks perfect on her. I didn’t really get an after shot, but you’ll see in the next few posts how much shorter it is.

Graham wanted to join in on the fun as well and chop off his long hair.  Daddy wasn’t there with us at first, so he talked me into a “spikey do”, which Michael was not too pleased about.  As with Surae, I was shocked when I first saw the results of his haircut, but it has really grown on me.  He looks like a little man!